Weigh in on LightWeight Litter from Tidy Cat

Lea Jaratz

The weighty tub of cat litter is just something we’ve all come to terms with, never really thinking about the fact that we’re toting a tub of litter that weighs more than a few cats combined. It’s just part of the litter box routine. But heft no more -- LightWeight from Tidy Cat is here.

How light is it? Notice a lack of “umph” noises in this video:

The 8.5 pound container holds as much litter as a comparable 20 pound container, making it easier to stock up and tote with less wear and tear on your back. It has all the features of the litters you’re used to, including being 99.9% dust free, clumpable and highly absorbent.

Lightweight Tidy CatEmbracer Megan tested it out and had this to report:

“I definitely love how much easier it is to carry around. The lightweight factor of this litter is quite impressive... My cats did not have a problem with the litter change.”

Megan did note that the odor control wasn’t quite up to par with her every-other-day box cleaning schedule. So, just keep that in mind if your box is in a high-traffic area or if you’re not a daily scooper.

Do you have a pet peeve about your cat litter? Would you be more likely to try a lightweight litter that didn’t give you such a workout?