K-9 Overcoat-Winterized and Ready for Action

Lea Jaratz
k9 overcoat

Dubs has been testing out the K9 Overcoat from Ruffwear. The coat fits him perfectly, and seems to keep him well insulated and dry. The outer shell protects his back and tummy from snow and slush, while the fleece lining keeps him cozy. It's super easy to pop on and off, with the auto-lock buckles on both sides of the torso.

And, more importantly, it hasn't impaired his mobility at all-check out this photo of Dubs catching air! He's got all of the range of motion-no restriction from tight arm holes or poor fit. Atta Boy Dubs!

The K-9 Overcoat comes in six sizes and two colors, all equipped with reflective coating. $49.99 at Amazon.com

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