Spring Clean with PushClean Pet Wipes

Lea Jaratz
PushClean Pet Towelettes

The only downside to spring is the mud. It doesn’t matter that my backyard looks like a barn yard, because the dogs dig anyway. This morning, I was scrambling to get Lyger in the car to head to the vet when I realized his legs were caked in mud! Eww. Not in my car, buddy. I was about to start searching for an impromptu towel when I realized I had a sample of the PushClean pet towelette in my purse. Popped it open and out came a very damp soft cloth. A few wipes on his forelegs and voila! A presentable dog!

I’m big on traveling light, but the PushClean towelette is worth toting, so light and compact you won’t notice them in your purse, backpack or glove box. They’re perfect for cleaning up whatever your dog rolled in or the slobber she’s coated in after a rough day at the dog park. I could even see sticking one next to your stash of poop bags for walks, just in case there is an incident.

The capsule is easy to open and moisturizes the bamboo wipe in seconds. Honestly, it was sort of fun! Lyger didn’t mind it at all, and since it was alcohol-free and hypo-allergenic, I had no concerns about using it on his skin where he might lick. The bamboo wipe is biodegradable and doesn’t leave fuzzies behind. It’s super sturdy and let me clean whole clumps of mud off Lyger’s legs, leaving him pretty and white.

PushClean towelettes are also available in kid-safe hand-towels and insect repellent varieties. It’s so quick and compact, making pet life on the go just a little bit fresher.

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