Bounce & Play Ball and Scratchy Box Review

It always feels like Christmas when we get something new to review at the Embrace office. Staff gathers around to open the box and whichever lucky pets are in the office that day get to be product testers! Our most recent "present" held items for both kitty and canine alike!

For the pups, we got the Bounce and Play Ball from Jolly Pets. This ball is over-sized and watching the dogs try to get it in their mouths to carry it around was pretty hilarious. The ball we got is definitely meant for a larger dog as a smaller dog will have a hard time carrying it. Henry, the Embrace office Beagle mix pictured to the right, took all his energy getting the ball in his mouth and even his brother, Rottweiler Mix Kramer, struggled with it. Luckily, it comes in 3 sizes (4.5 in.,6 in., and 8 in.).

Embracer Lindsay and her Lab, Brutus, tested out the Bounce and Play Ball. Here is what Lindsay had to say: "Brutus loves this ball, but he gets it stuck in his mouth and then he runs over to me crying for help getting it out. :)"

The bounce and play ball is definitely durable and that is a huge plus. It also comes in a variety of colors!

So, is it our office dogs' favorite toy? No, but it will generally elicit some activity when brought to their attention!

Next, for the kitties, we got the Kitty Hoots Big Mamas Scratchy Box. This scratch box came with all the trimming - tassels, a toy and catnip! What kitty could resist?! Since it's not as common to have cats in the office, we sent the Scratchy Box home with Chief Embracer Laura B. to try out with her kittens, Rocket and Rosie.

Check out the video below to get just a little idea of the Scratchy Box's popularity. It looks like someone is in catnip heaven! Overall, the Scratchy box is a hit and, while it's only made of corrugated cardboard, it's reversible which makes it longer lasting and a better deal. For under $10, we call that a bargain!


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