Ask a Vet 24/7: Mixing Meds & Xylitol Ingestion

Have you ever gotten home after a vet visit and realized you forget to ask them something important about the discharge instructions or home care? Of course, this scenario typically happens after the vet hospital is closed and lines of communication are severed.

Embrace is proud to partner with to offer policy holders access to a team of licensed and accredited vets - at their fingertips! Whether your need to double-check with a veterinarian on a medication, have a question about a potential toxicity, or you have more detailed pet health concerns, VetLIVE’s veterinarians are available to provide guidance when you need it most.

Below are real questions asked of VetLIVE veterinarians! Hopefully, the answers can help you in an emergency.

Mixing Meds

Question: “Bruiser was recently put on Adequan. He just had an injection this evening. Is it ok to give him his Rimadyl or Tramadol - he takes these medications very sparingly on bad days. Just wasn't sure since he was just given the Adequan injection.”


I am Dr. Jed and I will be helping you and Bruiser this evening. There are no contraindications for giving the Rimadyl or Tramadol as directed. In fact, according to Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook, (our “gold standard” pharmacology book) drug interactions with this drug have not been detailed to date. The combination sounds like a great treatment plan. I think you are in good hands.

Xylitol Ingestion

Question: "I have a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog that weighs about 22 lbs. He got a hold of a packet (only 1) of Splenda on his walk this evening… As far as I know, Splenda is a sugar-based substitute (sucralose) and does not pose the same toxicity as xylitol. Would it be safe just to watch him for any signs of sickness or is this more serious?”


I have awesome news for you and Stanley! There are no toxicity issues for dogs associate after ingesting Splenda—and I verified from a toxicology-boarded vet at the Pet Poison Hotline. There are no side effects to watch for either directly related to the Splenda, but with any new foods for puppies, they can easily get upset stomachs. Don’t be alarmed if this is the case.

Good for you for knowing about xylitol! You get an A+ in puppy parenting.


Dr. Laci

Embrace policy holders can take advantage of VetLIVE at no charge. If your pet gets into the chocolate bowl or candy dish, consider using our new service to see if your pet needs to seek emergency treatment. The VetLIVE vets will do the same calculations the vets at poison hotlines do—all while saving you the $70 fee associated with the hotlines and potentially unnecessary e-vet visit.

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