The Dog is Good “Merry Kiss Me" Apron

Lea Jaratz

Dog is Good Holiday ApronI have such fond memories of baking at the holidays, but even when my family abandons me to watch football or take turkey-induced naps, my dogs stick close in the kitchen. The smell of melted butter would put a twinkle in Tahlula’s eye and set her Rottie nub to waggin’. Because my pups are such loyal kitchen helpers, I’m going to make them a special treat this year. After all, if I can make dozens of cookies for family and co-workers, I can certainly whip up a batch of these Paw-Print Dog treats.

And because my dogs are so good, I love the new Bolo Holiday apron from Dog is Good. Looking almost angelic - waiting under the mistletoe for a kiss (or a butt scratch or belly rub) - doesn’t this guy epitomize the love and unending affection our pups have for us all year round? I can’t wait to bake a batch of biscuits in this amply-sized apron (full length and plenty wide). It’s got deep pockets, so I can stash a couple of treats for those moments when my dogs’ eyes say, “can I please lick the bowl?”

And because I have plenty of fellow pet lovers on my shopping list, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to pick up some of their tees and other apparel this holiday. Perhaps the Pit Bull Porter unisex t-shirt for hubby and a Your Dog Doesn’t Know Sit mug for my cubby mate. Just in case you’re wondering what to pick up for me, I’ve had my eye on the Promise to My Dog Tee. It's sales benefit shelters through the Greater Good Network!

Pet parents do so much for the people and pets in our world, so we want to give a little something to you. One of our readers will receive a brand new, just released, Bolo Holiday apron of their very own. It’s up to you to do the baking, but at least you’ll stay clean and look cute while doing it.


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