Compare Embrace to VPI/Nationwide

Becoming a pet insurance expert means understanding the detailed differences between companies. To help you, we've prepared a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace vs VPI/Nationwide. Your dog or cat will thank us later.

corner-left   Embrace VPI/Nationwide corner-right
  Reimbursement Method straight % of vet bill limited by benefit schedule  
  Hereditary & Genetic Exclusions 0 183  
  Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Icon Iconper-item limitations  
  12-Month Exclusions 0 186  
  No Extra Fees Icon Icon  
  Independent Customer Rating 9.2/10 7.8/10  

Reimbursement Method

There's more to pet insurance than just your premium. If you want a large portion of your vet bills covered then you need to pick the right sort of plan. VPI/Nationwide's benefit schedule dictates the maximum amounts you can get back per item. Vet bills for a given condition often come to 20-50% more than what a benefit schedule allows. At Embrace, all of our plans reimburse your claim as a straight percentage of your actual vet bill so you get more money back.

Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage

Many companies leave you exposed with no coverage for genetic conditions. VPI/Nationwide has limited coverage for hereditary or genetic conditions, with a maximum payout of $750 per year. These conditions can lie dormant for years and when they do show signs it can be very expensive to treat them, often totalling several thousands of dollars. You can rest easy knowing Embrace covers hereditary and genetic conditions with every policy.

Wellness & Routine Care Coverage

VPI/Nationwide places limits on wellness payments per item or category (e.g. flea, tick, and heartworm medications are capped at $50/year). Embrace's Wellness Rewards is a stand-alone product to help you pay for your pet's routine care. If your vet charges $100 for a puppy wellness visit, that's how much Embrace will reimburse. View our routine care comparison to learn more.

12-Month Exclusions

In addition to minimal payout for hereditary conditions, VPI/Nationwide also excludes any payment for these conditions during your first 12 months as a policy holder. Cruciate ligaments, meniscal damage, and angular limb deformity also have 12-month waiting periods. Cruciate ligament tears typically cost $3,500 to treat. Embrace has a 6-month waiting period for orthopedic conditions, but this can be shortened to 14 days by having your vet fill out our simple orthopedic report card.

Extra Fees

Don't be nickel and dimed with extra fees. VPI/Nationwide has a $2 monthly payment fee and requires two months payment up front. Embrace prides itself on having no sign-up fees, no annual fees and no monthly payment fees.

Independent Customer Rating

Get the scoop on what pet parents really think about Embrace as well as other companies in the industry at Reviews are completed by actual pet insurance users and Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10. Why settle for less?

This comparison of VPI's pet insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by EPI Agency LLC. If you have questions about VPI/Nationwide plans, prices, or coverage we encourage you to contact a representative of VPI/Nationwide.