Tylenol Toxicity

Photo of JacksonJackson, Mixed Breed

Jackson earns himself a trip to the ER
Vet Bill: $988.99
Location: Dublin, Calif.
Date: April 2010
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Jackson's family was horrified to find that the little 7 month old puppy had managed to chew the top off of a Tylenol bottle and ingest some of the medicine. His family knew that while Tylenol is helpful to humans, it is also extremely toxic to dogs. Jackson's dad, Jose, immediately called Poison Control who instructed him to take Jackson to the hospital as soon as possible. Jackson was then rushed to the ER where he was treated for Tylenol Toxicity.

Jackson's treatment included fluids, extensive blood work, supplements to help the liver, medications to treat the toxicity and even an overnight stay. The veterinary bill totaled almost $1000 but Jackson's family could breath easy knowing they had Embrace Pet Insurance.

From Jackson's family:

After our first non-insured hospitalization, it was clear we needed the protection of a reputable animal insurance company. We did our research on the web, compared plans, companies and coverage and found that Embrace had the best ratings.

According to Jose, Jackson is doing great and recovering nicely.

Jackson's Policy

Jose chose Embrace's most common policy which gives Jackson a $10,000 Annual Maximum after meeting a $200 Annual Deductible and 20% co-pay. For this Tylenol Toxicity claim, Jackson had already met the $200 deductible previously so only the co-pay remained.

Jackson's Claim Refund

Jackson's Tylenol Toxicity claim Amount
Actual Vet Bill $988.99
Annual Deductible Already Met
20% Co-pay -$197.80
Total Embrace Reimbursement $791.19


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