Tracheal Collapse

Biscuit-Mixed-Breed-DogBiscuit - Mixed Breed Dog

Mixed Breed Dog needs tracheal stent
Vet Bill: $4,000.37
Location: Detroit, MI
Date:Fall 2009
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Wendy adopted Biscuit, a long-haired chihuahua mix, when he was a new-born pup in 2006. After a bad experience with another insurance company, Wendy decided to insure Biscuit with Embrace in February 2008.

Wendy noticed Biscuit's odd, labored breathing around May 2009 and thought maybe it was just because he was excited. When his breathing worsened, Wendy took him to Michigan Veterinary Specialists in June and they diagnosed him with a collapsing trachea. Biscuit needed a tracheal stent. The procedure lasted a couple of hours, and afterwards Biscuit's breathing returned to normal. The vet advised that there would be some dry coughing as Biscuit got used to having the stent, but overall he has been a much happier dog since his surgery in October 2009.

Wendy says:

I had heard nothing but good things about Embrace, and I couldn't be happier now. I don't have to worry when Biscuit gets sick, I just have to worry about making sure he gets better.

Biscuit's Policy

Before insuring Biscuit with Embrace, Wendy started with another pet insurance company. She realized after submitting a claim that the benefit schedule they used to pay claims led to a very low reimbursement and covered barely 25% of the charges she submitted.

Embrace does not use a benefit schedule, so Wendy was reimbursed over 84% of the total vet bill from Biscuit's tracheal collapse.

Biscuit's Claim Refund

Sum of all Claims
Actual Vet Bills $4,000.37
Covered Charges
Annual Deductible Remaining
10% Co-pay -$373.50
Embrace Reimbursement $3,361.58