Mast Cell Tumor (Mastocytoma)

JunoJuno - Mixed Breed

Juno has a 1.5cm diameter mass removed
Vet Bill: $968
Location: Dekalb, IL
Date: May 2010
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Juno is very lucky to have been rescued by her mom, Johanna, even though neither knew what they were getting into. Months after adoption, poor Juno developed multiple health concerns including seizures, skin lumps, masses and heartworm disease.

Johanna says...

I rescued Juno without knowing too much of her background, and being a college student, I wanted to be sure I was financially prepared to give her proper veterinary treatment no matter what situation I was in. I spent about two weeks researching different pet insurance companies and found Embrace to be the most straightforward, trustworthy company out there. Luckily my assumptions were correct and my research paid off in the end!

Johanna and her veterinarian got Juno's seizures under control and then decided it was time to get her tumor/mass removed. Juno handled surgery like a champ and recovered nicely from it.

Juno's Policy

Johanna customized a policy giving Juno a $5,000 Annual Maximum after meeting a $200 Annual Deductible and 20% co-pay. For this Mastocytoma claim, Juno had already met the $200 deductible previously so only the co-pay remained.

Juno's Claim Refund

Juno's Mastocytoma claim Amount
Actual Vet Bill $968.36
Annual Deductible Already Met
20% Co-pay -$193.67
Total Embrace Reimbursement $774.69