Rocco's Multiple Issues

Rocco - Cavalier King Charles SpanielRocco - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Patella Luxation, Hip Dysplasia & IVDD ... Oh My!
Vet Bill: $6,258.29
Location: Delray Beach, FL
Date: 2010
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Rocco’s knee issues all began in January of 2008, with what seemed like a little lameness. But by April, the two year old Cavalier King Charles was diagnosed with Luxating Patellas and Hip Dysplasia. It became clear in 2010 that his little knees were so uncomfortable that his family decided to proceed with surgical correction for his right knee. $2,824.48 later and Rocco was moving in the right direction.

The summer after his first knee surgery, Rocco had a minor set-back, when he was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease. He’s recovering with the use of steroids, and we’re keeping fingers crossed that Rocco’s back troubles are behind him.

Then it came time to fix the now four year old Rocco’s left knee in August 2010. Rocco underwent his second knee surgery for the year, and the vet bill totaled another $2,396.76. The important thing: Rocco is running down the road to recovery!

An update from Rocco’s Mom, Alexandra:

"The response from my vet when I submitted Embrace's "pre-certification" form for my dog's expensive knee surgery (Medial Patella Luxation) says it all - they had never seen a pre-certification form from a pet insurance company! I can't imagine paying the $2,500+ without knowing what, if anything, would be covered.

All of my communications with the staff at Embrace has been very thorough and timely which is much appreciated as well. I find myself recommending Embrace to people at work, on the street, anyone with a pet really. Big thanks to Embrace from Rocco and me! His quality of life has improved significantly with his 2 new knees!"

Rocco's Policy

Alexandra customized a policy, giving Rocco a $10,000 Annual Maximum after meeting a $200 Annual Deductible and 20% co-pay.

Rocco's Claim Refund

Rocco's Right Knee Claims Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,824.48
Remaining Deductible (partially met w/ prior claims)
20% Co-pay -$551.24
Total Embrace Reimbursement $2,204.98

Rocco's Left Knee & Back Claims Amount
Actual Vet Bill $3,433.81
Annual Deductible
20% Co-pay -$646.76
Total Embrace Reimbursement $2,587.05