Feline Diabetes

Tey-Tey-Mixed-Breed-CatTey Tey, Mixed Breed Cat

Tey Tey had excessive thirst and hunger
Vet Bill: $4,130.91
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Date: 2009
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Tey-Tey's owner, Lark, became concerned about her health when Tey-Tey began eating and drinking excessively. The kitty also began having an excessive production of urine with occasional bathroom accidents. Tey-Tey was also very thin and had lost seven pounds. Testing diagnosed Tey-Tey with diabetes mellitus, and she began insulin therapy.

Over the course of the first policy term, Lark submitted 13 claims to Embrace for diabetes testing, insulin supplies, and monitoring. Total claims for the policy term totaled nearly $3,500.

Tey-Tey's Policy

Tey-Tey has up to $5,000 coverage per year. All Embrace full coverage policies include coverage for chronic conditions such as diabetes. Embrace also reimbursed a flat 80% of Tey-Tey's covered treatment.

Tey Tey's' Claim Refund

Tey-Tey's diabetes mellitus claims
Actual Vet Bill $4,130.91
Covered Charges
Annual Deductible
20% Co-pay -$655.92
Total Embrace Reimbursement $2,623.66


Tey-Tey's owner has a great update for us. A year later the vet has dialed down her dosage from 6 units/day to 1 unit/day, with the hope that soon we may be able to manage her diabetes with diet alone. That's the best news we could get!