Feline Asthma

Callie-Mixed-Breed-CatCallie, Mixed Breed Cat

Callie was short of breath and had a nasty cough
Vet Bill: $1,389.59
Location: California
Date: Summer 2008
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Callie came home after being rescued in the fall of 2007. She delighted in watching the birds outside and chasing balls and laser lights around her new home. But her parents noticed that in the spring of 2008 that she was becoming winded after just a few minutes of play.

Over a period of weeks she went from simply being winded after play to developing a prolonged, rasping cough, sometimes followed by vomiting. Callie was taken to the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group in Ventura, Calif.

Upon examing Callie the veterinarian determined that she was suffering from feline asthma. The radiology consultation had found a collapse of Callie's left cranial lung, likely resulting from feline asthma.


Callie's treatment included a special, one-month steroid and an inhaler. After completing her treatments, she felt no ill effects and her episodes have stopped. She is once again happily chattering at the birds and chasing her balls and laser light.

Callie's Policy

Callie has up to $10,000 coverage per year with a $200 annual deductible and a 10% co-pay. All Embrace full coverage policies include coverage for chronic conditions such as asthma. Embrace reimbursed 90% of Callie's treatment costs after the deductible was met.

Callie's Claim Refund

Callie's feline asthma claim
Actual Vet Bill $1,389.59
Covered Charges
Annual Deductible
10% Co-pay -$118.96
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,070.63