Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear and Foreign Body Removal

A Rough Life for Isabelle the Cane Corso
Vet Bill: $21,403.39
Location: Newburgh, New York
Date: May 2008
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Isabelle was just a young adult when, just a few months into her policy, she tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which required corrective orthopedic surgery. Then, just when it seemed that her visits to the veterinarian were ending, she swallowed a foreign object. Her situation developed into a life-threatening emergency requiring surgery.

After her initial surgery to remove the foreign body she developed a severe infection at the suture site and had serosanginous discharge. To make matters worse she developed gastroenteritis as well. Treatment for the complications from her surgery amounted to more than the surgery itself!

Then, unexpectedly, poor Isabelle was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor. A CT scan and chemotherapy was necessary.

Isabelle battles on.

Isabelle's Policy

Some pet insurance plans consider cruciate injuries to have a genetic component and, if so, will not pay the claim. Embrace does not have this restriction so Isabelle's claim was covered.

Isabelle had a catastrophic pet insurance plan that was also customized to have a 35% co-pay, which kept Isabelle's premium very low.

Thankfully Embrace has no lifetime or per-incident maximums so Isabelle was able to reach her annual maximum of $10,000.

Isabelle's Claim Refund

In her first year Isabelle hit her policy maximum and was reimbursed $10,000.

Year 1: ACL Tear, Foreign Body, Gastro, and Mast Cell Tumor Amount
Actual Vet Bill $16,996.61
Annual Deductible -$500.00
35% Co-pay -$5,773.81
Total Embrace Reimbursement $10,000.00

Year 2: Repair of ACL Tear Amount
Actual Vet Bill $4,406.78
Annual Deductible -$500.00
35% Co-pay -$1,367.37
Total Embrace Reimbursement $2,500.00


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