Cat Trapped in Car Engine

Fletcher-CatFletcher, Domestic Shorthair

Fletcher was badly injured, lesson learned
Vet Bill: $5,157.65
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date: September 2008
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Cats love a warm place to sleep and sometimes that place is somewhere they shouldn't be. We want to let Fletcher's mom tell the story in her own words:

"My cats, Fletcher and Sampson, fell through a screen window while they [were] enjoying a beautiful day together. While Sampson cried outside of the window to come back in, Fletcher decided he wanted to explore the "Great Outdoors". We looked for him all night!!

I was heartbroken and scared that I had lost him for good. When we found him the next day, he had been badly hurt from a fan belt injury from the neighbor's car!!! He had a deep laceration from the left to right side of his lower abdomen and a broken tibia and fibula bone in his back left foot! I immediately made a trip to the Emergency Vet which can be very costly! I know this from experience with a former pet! Thank God for Embrace Pet Insurance. Fletcher's vet bills were over $6,000 and Embrace reimbursed most of the cost! I didn't freak out because I knew my investment would come back to me! Thanks Embrace!

P.S. Fletcher was the type of cat that never wanted to be held or touched before the accident! Now he is so thankful for us saving his life. He can't get enough of us and he always wanting to sit on our laps and be held and and he also purrs constantly!! Don't tell my dog Becker and my other cat Sampson, but he is now my favorite 4-legged child by far!"

- Lauren, Fletcher's mom

Veterinarians treated and surgically corrected Fletcher's fractured tibia. Follow-up care and an additional visit were needed for further treatment and closure of the wound.

Fletcher's Policy

Fletcher's plan was customized to have a $100 deductible and a 20% co-pay. Fletcher's plan did not include prescription drug coverage.

Fletcher's Claim Refund

Fletcher's fanbelt injury claim Amount
Actual Vet Bills $5,157.65
Annual Deductible -$100.00
20% Co-pay -$996.25
Total Embrace Reimbursement $3,985.00


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