Corgi uses Alternative Therapies

Wally - Pembroke Welsh CorgiWally - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Wally, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, manages back pain with acupuncture and hydrotherapy.
Vet Bill: $1,455.00
Location: Emeryville, CA
Date: February 2011 - August 2011
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Wally's pet parent, Carol S., wasn't satisfied when she was told Wally would need TPLO surgery and looked for a second opinion.

Below is Carol's story of how alternative therapies have helped manage Wally's back pain:

"In 2009, I noticed that Wally had difficulty going from a sitting to standing position. Sometimes he wouldn't even fully get up and just drag his body with his front two legs. I took him to see a vet neurologist. After an MRI scan, the vet neurologist had no idea what was wrong with Wally and referred him to a vet orthopedic specialist. The vet orthopedic specialist examined Wally and concluded that Wally had partial tears in ACL in both hind legs. He said that the TPLO surgery would be the best option. I was not keen on surgery being the only solution. I went for a second opinion with a different vet orthopedic specialist and a different vet neurologist. Both stated that the TPLO surgery would not have solved Wally's issue as Wally also suffered from a sore back. They suggested that I try an alternative method of treatment consisting of hydrotherapy and acupuncture. Since 2009 to present, Wally receives regular acupuncture treatments and attends hydrotherapy sessions for all his physical ailments. Wally no longer drags his hind legs and the alternative therapies have improved his back soreness so that he is able to be as mobile as any other dog. "

Wally's Claim Refund

Wally's Alternative Therapy Claims (2/11-8/11)
Actual Vet Bill $1,455.00
Covered Charges
Annual Deductible Remaining
10% Co-pay -$96.40
Total Embrace Reimbursement $858.60