Acute Pancreatitis

Spike-RottweilerSpike, Rottweiler

Rottweiler with acute pancreatitis
Vet Bill: $2,074.40
Location: Fallbrook, Calif.
Date:February 2009
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Three year-old Spike was taken to the emergency vet after about twelve hours of severe diarrhea and vomiting. At first, it seemed that he might have swallowed part of a tennis ball, or ingested a large piece of rawhide.

The emergency veterinarian immediately recognized that he was extremely dehydrated and admitted him immediately so that he could receive IV fluids and monitoring. X-rays were done to rule out an obstruction or ulceration.

Pain relievers and antibiotics helped to alleviate Spike's symptoms. Fortunately, he was released after two days but not before the bills for his stay had reached $2,075.40.

Spike's Policy

Spike has a catastrophic pet insurance plan with a $500 deductible to keep the premium low. Spike's plan reached its deductible for the year with this claim and, because it's an annual deductible, there will only be a co-pay on any subsequent claims in this policy term.

Spike's Claim Refund

Spike's Pancreatitis Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,074.40
Excluded Charges -$113.40
Annual Deductible -$500.00
10% Co-pay -$292.40
Total Embrace Reimbursement $1,169.60
* Prescription drug coverage not chosen with this plan.