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We had a question in a comment that I thought was worth elevating to a full post since the answer we provided is useful to everyone looking for a surgeon. The original post was "Reparing a Tracheal Collapse in Dogs" and Bob's question is in a comment is attached

Pomeranian_courtesy_of_chris_cheeve Question:

We have a toy Pom (7yr-old) who definitely has the symptoms of TC [tracheal collapse], and we've been trying to find info on the www about it, which is limited, as you mentioned. We love our dog as one of our children and want the best for her. Do you know of or have heard of any Vets close to northern New Jersey that have experience and familiarity with the diagnosis and treatment of this condition? Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated! Best regards - BobB


Bob, we're so sorry about your Pomeranian :(

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons website is the place to search for board-certified specialists in New Jersey or anywhere in the US or Canada.

Go to http://www.acvs.org/AnimalOwners/FindaSurgeoninYourArea/ and select the state or province from the “State/Province” box (in Bob's case “NJ”. There are quite a few in NJ.)

Note that tracheal collapse can also be treated non-surgically but we understand that at some point it becomes necessary to go under the knife. There is also evidence that tracheal collapse contributes to liver disease due to low-level oxygen deprivation, best look at it asap.

Bob, good luck to you and your Pom.

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