Podcast: Dr Patrick Mahaney on Pet Wellness

Continuing our theme of pet wellness this month, Dr Patrick answers some questions from our very own Embracers on wellness topics. Amongst other things, he talks about:

  • Dr Patrick's recommendation for frequency of wellness checkups for dogs and cats
  • Darcy: What are good tests to run/questions to ask for a senior kitty cat who is a perfect little angel kitty? 
  • Darcy follow up: Also, I take my perfect little angel senior cat to the vet twice a year - should the same things be done every six months, or are there things that should be done differently each time, etc.?  Basically, what's the best wellness prevention you can give a senior cat (who is a perfect little angel kitty)
  • Sara: Do you recommend routine fecals every year for all pets?
  • Katie: What are some items addressed at wellness visits that people aren't aware a veterinarian looks for during a physical exam? -Why wellness?
  • Adrienne: How about vaccine requirements and any changes in how often pets should get them. Also vaccine vs. titer information.
  • Sara: Some vets seem to be recommending bordatella every 6 months while others say yearly.  How long does it really last?
  • Kate: I recently started jogging with Beau and since he's a 6.5yr old Doberman, I'm wondering if there's a certain age when I should retire his running shoes and go back to walking in order to prevent orthopedic issues.

Click on the link below for the audio podcast with the answer to these questions.

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Wellness 2013

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Podcast: Dr Patrick Mahaney on Pet Wellness

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