Podcast: Be Prepared in a Pet Emergency

You’re much more likely to respond appropriately to a pet emergency if you’ve had a chance to walk through the scenario in your head before. If the unexpected happens out of the blue, you’ll be caught off guard, but if you’ve had a chance to at least think, “hey, what should I do if...” maybe you won’t lose your cool and you’ll perform better under pressure.

That’s why we had a chat with our vet friend, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, about first aid preparedness. He’s going to talk to us calmly now, so no one has to talk us down in the event that we’re ever faced with a pet who’s:

  • been hit by a car
  • bleeding
  • choking
  • in need of emergency medical care

Ready to get heavy with Dr. Patrick? Take a listen.

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This Month We're Focused on Pet Poison Prevention

Inara -Pitbull MixIt’s been just about 2 years since one of our longtime Embraced pets had a poisoning scare. Inara *right) was eating a raw venison diet that should have helped keep her fit, but accidentally swallowed a piece of the bullet, causing lead toxicity. 

Inara’s claim, while unique, is not surprising. You see, most of the claims we get for poisoning are from well-informed pet parents whose pets get into trouble in ways that few of us ever could have predicted. Why would a dog chew open a prescription bottle to get at his pet parent’s pills? Why would a cat eat a third of a birthday cake left to cool? These things happen, so let’s talk about them. All month long we’re going to take a look at pet poisoning, what you can do to prevent it, and what to do in case of an emergency.

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Podcast: Dr. Mahaney's Tips for All Ages

We Embrace pets of all ages, young and old, and everyone in between. So, we wanted to chat with Dr. Patrick Mahaney about all the things that come with different ages and stages, including health, behavior, exercise and diet. Tune in to our latest podcast to learn more about:

  • When we should consider our pets adults or seniors, and what does that even mean
  • Helping senior pets have a healthy diet
  • How to safely exercise your pets, young and old alike
  • What the routine checkup requirements are for your pets as they age

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Why Is My Pet’s Dental Cleaning so Pricey?

You’ve probably wondered “why is my pet’s dental cleaning so expensive?” But, are they truly expensive when you see what all is involved? There are many ways dental cleaning and teeth extractions for our pets are different than our own trip to the dentists. Let’s talk a little more about what happens during a dental cleaning and then see if it still seems pricey...

The first question I often get is, “why does my dog need to be put under anesthesia to get his teeth cleaned?” Well, one reason is that I have become fond of my fingers over the years! The real reason is that a dog or, god forbid a cat, is not going to allow you to do a thorough cleaning without being knocked out.

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Podcast: Your Intro to Pet Dental Cleanings

Happy Pet Dental Month! It’s not quite as cute and rosy as Valentine’s Day or Groundhog’s Day (though it may be a bit cuddlier than President’s day, depending on which President you’re thinking of), but it’s important and we’re in the mood to discuss all things toothy with Dr. Patrick Mahaney in this month’s podcast.

Get ready to learn:

  • What’s done during a dental cleaning?
  • Are there any side effects from dental cleaning?
  • Does your dog or cat really need a dental cleaning?
  • What’s the deal with anesthesia free dentals?
  • Are there any things we can do to help keep our pet’s teeth healthy between cleanings?

Questions about pet dentals? Ask them in the comments here and our team will get answers for you.

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