Help your Pet be Happy, Starting with Healthy Weight

Obesity is the number one problem vets see in practice….bar none. It causes so many problems in our pets and can lead to a significant decrease in quality of life. It has been estimated that a lean dog can live 30% longer than his overweight counterpart, with up to 30% less orthopedic issues. But it’s not our pets’ fault if they gain a few extra pounds, it’s ours. With the immense marketing of pet foods in the US, the pet parent can feel pressured to buy foods they know nothing about. Pet food manufacturers and employees in pet stores will tell you anything to sell you the food du jour. There is so much misinformation and pseudo-science about pet food out there. Buyer beware when you are purchasing your next bag of dog or cat food.

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Collar Safety Awareness Week Kick-Off

Collar Safety Awareness WeekWe were all shocked and dismayed when one of our policyholders called to tell us the awful story of her dog’s accidental death. It seems her two small dogs had been alone in the home mid-day and in the course of playing or cuddles their collars became snared together. Of course, the dogs couldn’t unhook themselves, and the situation only caused them to become frantic, until ultimately, one was strangled to death. When the pet parent returned home, the deceased dog was still hooked to his companion.

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We're Taking a Bite Out of October!

It seems all we talk about is our food these days, and it’s not always about cupcakes and the perfect gourmet dinner. Talk of GMOs, gluten-free, paleo, and so on is pervasive in many elements of our culture. (I’d wager your Pinterest feed has at least one of the aforementioned phrases in it as we speak.) And the talk extends to our pets too. The increasing awareness about the need to make better nutritional choices for our pets is a good thing, though filtering through the fads to find a quality diet can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’re dedicating October to talk of pet nutrition. Sure, we’ll have some tricks and treats, but we want to help you get informed about the latest recommendations and information when it comes to feeding your pet. Besides, it’s easier to feed them well and make sure they skip the junk than it is to skip the junk yourself, am I right?

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MyEmbrace - Our New Customer Portal

A huge part of our jobs in the Customer Care department is helping people with policy management. And, while we still love talking with real people about really cute pets, we realize that sometimes it’s more convenient to handle things like billing changes and checking on your policy online. Which is why, after a great deal of planning and programming, we’re very pleased to announce...(drum roll.....) the MyEmbrace Portal! (TA-DA!)

Yes, it’s a handy-dandy tool that allows you to do just about anything you can think of related to your policy, anytime, anywhere. The first features are available now and offer you the opportunity to:

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Podcast: Making Vet Visits Fear-Free

Dr. Marty BeckerThis month’s podcast features an extra special guest. As we’re discussing “taking your pet to the vet,” who better to chat with than the creator of the groundbreaking fear-free movement, Dr. Marty Becker. Dr. Becker joins Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Laura Bennett to discuss not only the importance of seeking veterinary attention, but also the health and wellness benefits of reducing stress in pet patients. The doctors explain how some of their techniques and tricks help pets be more at ease and create a safer experience for all involved. You’ll want to listen in to learn more about what you as the pet parent can do to make veterinary care a more enjoyable experience. There’s even suggests on how to make your home a more zen-like space for your pet. They’ll discuss the benefits of some old-school practices such as house calls, and some new fear-free care techniques, making this a conversation you (and your anxious pet) won’t want to miss.

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