Embrace Pet Insurance covers behavioral issues

Embrace Pet Insurance policies do cover the medical treatment of behavioral issues as long as your dog or cat didn't show clinical signs of the condition before the end of the waiting period. Your policy does not cover behavioral consultations or training sessions though.

Let's have a few example:

Your dog develops a fear of thunderstorms and loud noises 6 months after you insure him. Medical treatment for this condition, such as drug therapy, and coverage of any injuries your dog might cause himself during a period of anxiety is covered

Your dog eats chicken bones as a puppy before she was insured. Three months into her policy, she eats your TV remote, which has to be removed surgically - this is covered. The previous incident is considered normal puppy behavior and not signs of a behavioral issue.

A follow on from the prior example. Say 8 months into your dog's policy period, she eats rocks in the garden and has to have those surgically removed. The condition is covered; however, your policy only covers one removal during the policy year and since you have already had the other removal earlier on in the policy term, this one is over the maximum allowed.

Your cat starts to pee anywhere but in the litter box after she was insured for 2 years. Medical treatments such as diagnostic tests and medication are covered   

Does that help understand how behavioral issues are covered by Embrace?

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Embrace Pet Insurance covers behavioral issues
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