Claim Example: dog cataracts

Rascal is a 7 year old mixed breed dog who has had a number of claims for cataracts. His dog mom noticed something was awry nearly two years ago and visited the opthamology specialist who suggested a wait and see approach. Three months later, Rascal had bilateral cataract surgery on his eyes.

Here are all the costs so far.

Vet Visit Status Diagnosis Invoice Reimbursed
5/26/2011 Deduct Bilateral Cataracts $196.00 $0.00
8/31/2011 Deduct Cataract $42.00 $0.00
9/7/2011 Paid Cataract Surgery $4,201.00 $3,638.70
9/15/2011 Paid Cataract $243.00 $218.70
12/7/2011 Paid Cataract $170.13 $153.12
1/7/2012 Paid Cataract $90.35 $81.31
11/28/2012 Deduct Cataract $98.00 $0.00
      $5,040.48 $4,091.83

Rascal has made a very good recovery since his surgery. I think his mom's bank account is well on its way to recovery too.

Has your dog gone through cataract surgery? How successful was it?

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Claim Example: Dog Cataracts

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