About Sara Radak

Sara serves as Embrace Pet Insurance's Lead Content Strategist and works hard to make The Water Bowl a true community for pet parents across the web. She hopes this will be a place to ask questions, find answers and share experiences with pet lovers across the country (or the world!).

Sara had never had a pet before she adopted Henry, a 6-month old rescue Beagle mix, in 2009. Despite house training accidents, chewed up flip flops, and a few stinky skunk encounters, Henry wormed his way into her heart. Since then, she has become active in her local rescue - Secondhand Mutts - which led her to this opportunity at Embrace. Sara’s marketing background and love of social media made her a perfect fit for the position at Embrace.

Sara holds degrees in Communication and Theatre from Capital University in Columbus, OH. Along with Henry, Sara is the proud pet parent of rescue Rottweiler mix, Cosmo Kramer. The pup in her profile picture is not hers (but she kinda wishes it was!).

Sara's Articles: