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Liz Palika

Liz Palika is a Certified Dog Trainer and a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant. An owner of Kindred Spirits Dog Training in Vista, CA, with her business partners, Petra Burke and Kate Abbott, Liz has been teaching dogs and their owners for more than 25 years. She specializes in family pets, helping dogs and their owners understand each other better, which in turn helps keep dogs in their homes for their lifetime.

An award winning author, Liz has been writing about dogs since the mid-1990s. Her books have won multiple awards from the Dog Writers Association of America, San Diego Book Writing competition, the ASPCA, and other organizations. She is a contributing writer for several magazines.

Liz shares her home with two Australian Shepherds, Bashir and Sisko, and one English Shepherd, Bones. They participate in many dog activities, including obedience training, noncompetitive agility, trick training, carting, and therapy dog volunteer work.

Liz also has a podcast, “It’s a Doggy Dog World” on PetLifeRadio.com where she talks about dogs, living with dogs, and training dogs. She also blogs frequently on Dog Sense at www.kindredspiritsk9.com. On Facebook, 'like' her on the Kindred Spirits Dog Training page.

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