Ask a Vet: Get pet health advice

Embrace Pet Insurance has teamed up with the good folks at VetLIVE, enabling our pet parents to ask licensed U.S. veterinarians pet health questions 24/7. You must have an active Embrace policy in order to use this service. Currently, this is a free service - if that changes we'll be sure to let you know. And remember, VetLIVE is not a substitute for an examination by your veterinarian. If in doubt, please take your pet in for a visit.

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*VetLIVE is an independent company not owned by Embrace Pet Insurance. All medical advice given is done so by VetLIVE. This partnership allows Embrace policyholders to connect with a vet online to get answers to pet health questions without waiting for a vet visit.

Embrace policy holders share their VetLIVE experiences:

"I was very happy with my VetLIVE answer. It was nice to have a reassuring voice after reading up on all the crazy things that can go wrong on the internet. Lol, blessing and a curse, the internet. I would definitely use the VetLIVE service again for questions." – Nicole P.

"My experience with VetLIVE was very good. I had an issue with Daisy and was not sure whether I needed to take her to the vet or wait it out. The VetLIVE vet was very informative and I felt better about waiting it out. All was well and I did not need to see our vet. I am thankful for the service as it saved me money!" - Jennifer S.

"We have absolutely loved the VetLIVE service. Specifically, the short response time, ability to upload photos, and access to the same vet each time. It has been really helpful to get a professional opinion before going in with an emergency - provides practical advice and peace of mind so we don't feel like the high cost of going in has been wasted." – Elaine C.

"For us, it's very helpful to be able to reach an expert for insight (and even peace of mind!), especially during times when our vet's office is closed." – Aliki I.

"I really like having VetLIVE. I have used it two times already and would definitely use it again! I'm happy you provide this service, it makes me feel safer in that I can have the correct information to take care of my pets. Thanks!" – Anna C.

"The service is great. I received answers within minutes. The answers were straight to the point, very professional yet personable. " – Jissa V.