Ways to Lower Your Policy Premium

Your rate may increase due to a number of factors that are affected by inflation. Veterinary inflation affects your pet insurance because the procedure that cost $1,000 last year, now costs around $1,060 and will cost $1,124 next year. Here are some specific factors that may have increased your rate:

  • Veterinary inflation. With more advanced treatments becoming available for pets, the likelihood of paying higher claims goes up.
  • Just as people tend to get sicker more frequently as they get older, so do our pets. Increased risk as your pet ages will affect your rate. This increase usually begins around age 5.
  • From time to time we'll review our business overall and find places where we may be under- or over-priced and adjust accordingly. For example we may find that the prescription drug benefit is under-priced or that a group of large breed dogs may be over-priced. We will never adjust your rates at the individual level.

Here are some suggestions for ways to reduce your premium:

Method of Reduction Impact
Reduce the Annual Maximum
Change from $15,000 to $10,000 -17%
Change from $10,000 to $5,000 -16%
Increase your Co-pay (pay a higher % of the vet bill)
Change from 10% to 20% co-pay -23%
Increase Your Deductible
Change from $100 to $200 -29%
Change from $500 to $1,000 -54%