Customer Testimonials

Our customers are simply the best. Here are their top 10 reasons for Embracing their pets.


  1. "I have peace of mind knowing if and when something happens to my babies, I have Embrace to help take care of the expenses."
    Kelly C. - Pet Parent of Indy & Zazu

  3. "As an insurance professional, I read each policy cover-to-cover before choosing a carrier, and Embrace has the best policy in terms of coverage and outstanding customer service."
    Alexandra H. - Pet Parent of Schnitz

  5. "I never want to have to say, "I can't afford that - put her down."
    Liz W. - Pet Parent of Inara

  7. "Embrace saved me from deciding which I could afford: my dog's knee surgery or my wedding."
    Lea M. - Pet Parent of Kayden


  8. "The smiles that they give me every day is worth spending every penny to making sure I can have as long as possible with them in my life."
    Jenny-Lyn E. - Pet Parent of Tyler, Zen, Piper & Olive

  10. "Having worked in the vet industry for several years, I know that a day will come when you will be asked to spend more than you ever imagined on your pet to save their life."
    Crystal M. - Pet Parent of Hazelnut

  12. "I always know that with Embrace, my dog has better health insurance than I do."
    Chris G. - Pet Parent of Ranger

  14. "Because they're my babies. I wouldn't treat them any different than the two legged kind of kids!"
    Monica O. - Pet Parent of Harley & Bodhi

  16. "I got an active Labrador puppy and I'd heard horror stories of what Labradors can get into and eat."
    Chris P. - Pet Parent of Dazzle & Voodoo

  18. "Makes me feel safe knowing that if my dog ever got hurt or sick that there wouldn't be a huge cost out of my pocket."
    Valerie G. - Pet Parent of Maggie


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