Not your Grandma’s lapdog. The Great Chihuahua turns heads and steals hearts across US.

Pet insurance now available for giant chihuahuas.

April 1, 2011 (Beachwood, OH) - Embrace Pet Insurance announces it is the first pet insurance company to insure Great Chihuahuas in North America. Embrace has a long-standing reputation for innovation in pet insurance, first with its goldfish insurance extension in 2010, and now insuring this new giant breed.

Giant Chihuahuas were first seen in Mexico in the early 90s when the Mexican drug cartels felt the patriotic need to have a Mexican dog breed for protection. Finding the only two Mexican breeds, the Chihuahua and the Xoloitzquintli, too small for their needs, they started a breeding program to create a much larger, more striking version of the Chihuahua, hence the Great Chihuahua.

More recently, the Great Chihuahua has starred in the movie “Homeward Bound 3: Return to Hollywood” and has become a favorite with young celebrities, who have traded in their purse-sized pups for the much larger Great Chihuahuas carried in motorcycle sidecars.

Laura Bennett, Embrace co-founder and the first pet insurance actuary in the US, comments on this new trend:

“I fell in love with the Great Chihuahua when a friend got one last year. Until I saw it, I was so sure it was a joke! Standing beside one makes you laugh so hard, it’s the ultimate dog therapy. As with any dog, veterinary costs are more than you think so it makes sense for Embrace to insure them just like any other dog breed.”

Bennett calculated the premiums for the Great Chihuahua by blending rates for a Great Dane and a Chihuahua. “Actuarial science is a mix of art and science, and in the case of the Great Chihuahua, I really used a lot of fairy dust,” said Bennett.

Christie Keith, renowned large dog expert and pet columnist, commented on the new breed:

"So many owners of small dogs tell me, as their tiny, barking, growling toys launch themselves in a frenzy at my giant breed dogs, 'He doesn't know how small he really is!' It makes sense that toy-dog owners would take that to the next logical extreme, and start producing dogs who are as big as they believe themselves to be."

At the size of a Bernese Mountain Dog and costing around $3,000 each, a Great Chihuahua puppy is certainly going to warm the hearts of many dog lovers. You can read more about the Great Chihuahua on the Embrace Pet Insurance website.

If you want to protect the health of your Great Chihuahua or any other dog, cat or goldfish, consider the magic of Embrace Pet Insurance. It’s the one thing you can’t buy when you need it the most. To learn more about your Great Chihuahua insurance options, call 800-511-9172, or go to for a customized quote.


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