Joshua Baum

Customer Care Embracer
Start date: June 2014

What is your background?
I have worked in the customer service field for over 10 years total in a few different industries. At my previous job before coming to Embrace I had started as a Customer Service Representative and worked my way up to Customer Service Supervisor. Keeping the customer satisfied has always been my number one goal, so I look forward to helping our Pet Parents with all their insurance needs. 

Do you have any pets currently?
I have one dog, Widdle, a Chihuahua/Papillon mix.  For being such a little guy, he rules our house.

What is your favorite pet-related memory?
Bringing Widdle home for the first time he slept the whole hour and a half drive home, and he was small enough to fit in my hand.  When he got acclimated with his surroundings, the way he hopped around like a bunny was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

What’s your favorite thing about Embrace?
The culture, co-workers and core values of the company.  I am thrilled to work for a company that we all believe in.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy musical theatre (seeing & being in shows), karaoke, designing & creating creative costumes and performing as my alter ego in nightclubs throughout the area. 

What is your favorite quote?
"No day but today." -Jonathan Larson, Rent

Anything else we should know about you?
My favorite vacation spot ever is Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a dry heat.