Cara MillerCara Miller

Customer Care Embracer
Start date: October 2013

What is your background?
After graduating high school with my cosmetology license, I decided to further my career path. I attended The University of Akron graduating in 2011 with an Interdisciplinary Degree consisting of Art and Psychology. Throughout this time at college, I worked as a Resident Assistant. After graduating I received a position in an Intensive Treatment Unit with adolescents. Although working with adolescents was very rewarding, I wanted to continue my journey. I have done just that by following my love for pets and finding myself here at Embrace!

Do you have any pets currently?
A goldfish named Ched, a citrus bearded dragon, Rae, and a chocolate Pitbull-Lab mix rescued from the APL, Lola.

What is your favorite pet-related memory?
My favorite pet related memory was after a horrid day visiting a friend. As I started to cry to my friend, her Flatcoat Retreiver Molly, came over and put her paw on my leg. She knew I was upset and continued to show her affection the rest of the night. It was instantly calming and therapeutic.

What’s your favorite thing about Embrace?
The culture of the company is very personal and laid back. It is not only welcoming for the staff, but also for the Pet Parents!

What do you like to do in your free time?
My favorite hobby is expressing myself through music with a hula hoop and cooking delicious meals.

What is your favorite quote?
"Breathe it all in. Love it all out."